He said YES!

fix4We were so excited that Chad agreed to meet us up at Goodfriend Sunday night.

Dave had been planning to pop the question to him and this was the perfectuexcuse to get to him in person. Of course, we couldn’t wait very long once he and Brooke arrived, so Dave immediately handed it to him. Brooke and I were giggling uncontrollably, as Chad took his time to check the box.

Dave regrets putting Dickface on there. Asshole would have been better.


Zap! Zap!

Today, we registered!

In the beginning, we didn’t plan on building any sort of wedding registry.What we didn’t expect, was how thoughtful our friends and family were who pushed us to partake in this tradition.

It ended up being a really fun experience that jumpstarted us into the planning phase. ( 8 months into our engagement and 4 until the wedding, mind you!)