The mad-lib to beat….

Ziggy, our ring-bearer-extraordinaire, filling out his RSVP card. Giggles immediately ensued. I can’t wait for it to arrive in the mail 🙂


In Print!

In Print!

Hooray! Part One of Three has arrived!

FYI: Zazzle is one of my most highly recommended companies for printing any types of material.

My {not so helpful} helper

My {not so helpful} helper

Darby, our collie, seems to know exactly when to target me for attention.

It’s usually when I am in a design kick, towards the end of a 6 hour bender. He will try to plop his snout on my macbook, pushing my hand over as I work.

I started to notice a few months back that he doesn’t like his picture taken. I can try my hardest to not let him see me reaching for my phone or camera, but the second I set the shot up, he moves. ON PURPOSE.

this is what I had to endure today while finishing up some work.

Pen Tools. Rub Belly. Pen Tools. Rub Belly. Repeat.