Being a photographer & graphic designer, I love finding creative ways to capture moments!
I am a huge fan of collaborative art, and nothing would make this event more special that to have our friends and family play such a huge part in capturing the memories. Here are some apps that you can choose to use to help us make the day just that more fun!

photoInstagram People of instragram! We’d love to see everyone traveling, spending time in town, and of course, with us at Becker Vineyards! While you’re taking photos of yourselves, friends, and all the happenings, You can tag photos in relation to the wedding with #vonshafer. just add it into your description, or comments. This way, we can enjoy your photos as well!



photo 2Be our Videographers! For those attending with iPhones/iPads/iTouch, if you are interested in contributing to our film, please download the 8mm Vintage Camera App from the iTunes store. The cost is $1.99, but I promise it is worth it! I thought this would be a fun alternative to hiring a videographer.
Android users, I believe a similar app is VideoCam Illusions.

Download Dropbox… It’s Free!
How do I upload videos & photos
You can drag the file to dropbox, and place in our folder. For help retrieving these files from your device:
Mac- How do I use Camera Upload? 


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