Our Crowdsourced Wedding Film!

In lieu of a hiring a professional videographer, we opted to crowdsource wedding footage filmed by ourselves, friends and guests who were celebrating with us on February 22, 2013 at Becker Vineyards in Stonewall, Texas. 17 people contributed footage, I edited the final film, and the results were just as personal and full of emotion as we hoped for! Enjoy!

Click here to visit Lauren’s Vimeo page.
Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 3.26.57 AM

We wanted to be able to involve our family and friends in the wedding celebration, so we made sure to include app ideas for them to use at that weekend. We also sent our guests this message:

“We are so excited to see you all on the 22nd! In case you haven’t visited our site, we have this really fun idea for a wedding video.
Using creative collaboration, we are asking guests who have mobile devices to record fun times from their perspective that weekend.

iPhone/ipad/itouch users you can download the 8mm app. Android Users can download Retro Movie Player.

We’re hoping guests take snippets of their preparation, travel and time at the wedding ceremony and reception, capturing little details and moments.
:03 seconds to 3 minutes, our goal is to gather footage from all of our friends and create video(s) from that. We want to experience what you experience, and are sure that it would make for a very special memento.

So please, create, contribute, and have fun with us. I have a dropbox folder set up,  Or just message me your email to add you to it. Visit https://vonshafer.wordpress.com for any more info.
We cant wait to celebrate with you all!
D & L”

Everyday – Rogue Wave
Breathe – The Hero Factor
Guests with iPhones used the 8mm App.


Our other flower girl…

I made a promise to Ciana a month or so ago, that I would try to find something for “Marissa” to wear. Marissa is Ciana’s American Girl doll she was so kindly gifted this past Christmas from my dad.

305511_10151172000987327_1017856170_nScreen Shot 2013-02-06 at 4.53.30 PM

They’re super cute, y’all. 

I knew I was not going to have enough time to sew her one, with school, work and planning, so I scoured around in attempts to find something I knew she would love, and I think I lucked out! It even has a sweet little flower crown in yellow, which is similar to Ciana’s. 🙂

photo 4-4

Target Registry

A few have raised concerns about the registry not loading for them. For the last week, Target has had “technical difficulties” with the registries across the board on their website. The page reloads every two seconds, leaving you unable to access information. It still isn’t resolved, as I have not been able to log in, nor have some others. So, It’s not just you. Hoping they have this issue taken care of soon.

Wedding Planner

Came home from work and immediately confessed to Dave (with a face full of guilt) that I caved and bought a folder for wedding planning. His response? “Nooooo!”

He then got up, went out to his car, and brought in this early birthday present.

I don’t know what I’m more swooned over… The fact that he did this for me so sweetly (I was staunchly against being a girl with a wedding planner until I realized it’s absolutely needed) or the fact that he, and I quote, “graphic designed.”