Our Crowdsourced Wedding Film!

In lieu of a hiring a professional videographer, we opted to crowdsource wedding footage filmed by ourselves, friends and guests who were celebrating with us on February 22, 2013 at Becker Vineyards in Stonewall, Texas. 17 people contributed footage, I edited the final film, and the results were just as personal and full of emotion as we hoped for! Enjoy!

Click here to visit Lauren’s Vimeo page.
Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 3.26.57 AM

We wanted to be able to involve our family and friends in the wedding celebration, so we made sure to include app ideas for them to use at that weekend. We also sent our guests this message:

“We are so excited to see you all on the 22nd! In case you haven’t visited our site, we have this really fun idea for a wedding video.
Using creative collaboration, we are asking guests who have mobile devices to record fun times from their perspective that weekend.

iPhone/ipad/itouch users you can download the 8mm app. Android Users can download Retro Movie Player.

We’re hoping guests take snippets of their preparation, travel and time at the wedding ceremony and reception, capturing little details and moments.
:03 seconds to 3 minutes, our goal is to gather footage from all of our friends and create video(s) from that. We want to experience what you experience, and are sure that it would make for a very special memento.

So please, create, contribute, and have fun with us. I have a dropbox folder set up,  Or just message me your email to add you to it. Visit https://vonshafer.wordpress.com for any more info.
We cant wait to celebrate with you all!
D & L”

Everyday – Rogue Wave
Breathe – The Hero Factor
Guests with iPhones used the 8mm App.


Wedding Photo Sneak Peek(s)!

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 6.41.24 PM

Ciana singing “Dada and Lauren, sitting in a tree….” ❤

There are so many things that should be posted here by now, but playing catch up on all things after a wedding is not a joke.

I wanted to give a quick treat to the friends and family who do not use Facebook, where many of our photos have been posted.

Once I have some time to sit and make some online albums as well as post updates, I will share them via email and here as well. Until then, please enjoy these links to our photographers blog!

Shaina was kind enough to post THREE sneak peeks of wedding photos for us. I thought I was pushing my luck after two, but it was totally worth it!

Sneak Peek #1

Sneak Peek #2

Sneak Peek #3

Thank you,  Shaina Sheaff Photography!

**Also, lets not forget to mention how awesome Sarah and Rozino were that day! Sarah was a butt-kicking wedding planner/floralspecialist/photographer who took charge with Shaina when there was none in sight (we have the photo of their faces to prove it, ha!) & Rozino, who at the salon that morning swapped “Hey I KNOW YOU!” faces and finger pointing with me. SO Great to see him and have that friendship come full circle 10-11 years later! I really appreciate you all being there that weekend, documenting some memorable moments, and also just hanging out and relaxing/laughing as well!

Marriage License Monday

No. 20130001147. That’s us!

I wanted to document the occasion because come on,  it’s such a big deal! So, from the street, to the elevator, to signing in, to waiting to be called, to being given our license and then asking a complete stranger to take our photo, there it is!

photo 3-2

It was a gorgeous day out on February 4th in Dallas.

photo 1-2

The way he smiles when he see’s “Mr. and Mrs. James Shafer” written out….. Oh the feels!

photo 2-2

Wedding Planner

Came home from work and immediately confessed to Dave (with a face full of guilt) that I caved and bought a folder for wedding planning. His response? “Nooooo!”

He then got up, went out to his car, and brought in this early birthday present.

I don’t know what I’m more swooned over… The fact that he did this for me so sweetly (I was staunchly against being a girl with a wedding planner until I realized it’s absolutely needed) or the fact that he, and I quote, “graphic designed.”


Bridesmaids watching Bridesmaids…

photo 4At the end of December, I rounded up my three ladies, Miss Ciana and Mister Ziggy for a night out looking at bridesmaids dresses.

photo 5

It was the first time for them to all be in the same room together, so of course we did more laughing than productive shopping. Afterwards, we all went to dinner, and planned to head to one house and watch Bridesmaids, since SOMEONE :cough:Patti:cough: had never seen it. I volunteered to go get the movie, and meet them all at the house. Two and a half hours later, I had already hit up two Walmarts, two Targets, Redbox kiosks, a Kroger and a video shop. NO MOVIE. Need I forget that an elderly gentelman who was working at target called it an “old movie.” O_O. It was also oddly gone from onDemand, iTunes, etc. We gave up, and ended hanging out with the kids and swore to make this happen at a future date.

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 9.16.42 PMWe decided to pass on going to a bridal shop for dresses, because we all agreed the rules and shipping and strings to pull were too much to handle. Besides, I don’t want matching dresse, and it’s been tough to get “professionals” to accept that. When it came time to actually purchase dresses and FINALLY send the invitations out, we miraculously all got together again a week or so later. Luckily, Hollee scored a copy of Bridesmaids at a Best Buy in Waco earlier that week on her way to a NYE vacation. After a day of shopping at Northpark  and insisting the ladies all get their own dresses that…

  • A: Show off their individuality & personality 
  • 2: Can be worn over and over again
  • Blueberry: Were under $100, none of this $300 dollar mumbo jumbo

…we picked up bites and went back to the house. This was also a perfect time to taste some more Becker Vineyards wine before we head down there. So, eventually we got down to business, and all took random jobs doing something with the invitations. Patti offered her penmanship, Dawn I think just moved the paper around, and kept pouring the Malbec for Hollee. Halfway through, we FINALLY all got to watch the movie together, and then pick on Dawn for falling asleep. “Dawn…WAKE UP! It’s 11 p.mmmmMMMmm…”
Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 9.16.08 PMScreen Shot 2013-01-10 at 9.16.17 PMScreen Shot 2013-01-10 at 9.16.29 PM

Note: Two weeks later, I received a package in the mail with… DUN DUN DUNNNN… a Bridesmaids DVD inside! On the card were these lovely sketches… let me explain…

One of my Aunts is a HUGE Bridesmaids fan. When I was with family this Summer, we had quote wars back and forth, acting out scenes from the movie. Her absolutely favorite line that I would snark was when Megan says “I took nine…. I took nine.”


I had planned that at Christmas, I was going to find some way to send her nine golden labs with pink berets. So, like a normal person, I ordered 9 golden labs online. I had way too much fun when they arrived. I then busted out my sewing kit, and fashioned nine little pink berets.

photo 1-1


I packed the box strategically, in hopes that when it arrived, she would miraculously open the box the right way, and they would all be staring at her. BINGO. That is exactly what happened! Some other family members were at their house, and all took turns opening the box to see what is inside. Needless to say, it was a great story for me to hear about! Looking forward to getting together with my family and the new dogs this summer!
photo 3-1  photo 4-1

Centerpiece thrifting!

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 9.15.40 PMGarland Rd. Thrift Store is probably one of my favorite places in town, and currently located two blocks from my house. Convenient? Of course. If I am having a good day, I usually try to stop in there to top off the luck, and most times it works. I’ve scored hordes of cameras, my favorite comfy orange chair, trinkets and oddities, purple leg warmers, the list goes on. Once, my friend Tim and I purchased our entire Halloween wardrobe from there with minutes to spare. We were Mama & Stewart from MadTV. LEGIT.

Anyhoo, I had the evening off after a day out with David, so I moseyed on over to see if I could find items for table centerpieces. I’ve wanted everything about the wedding to be personal to David and I, so it was no surprise to family and friends when I decided to tackle pretty much everything on my own. My head would probably explode if left in the hands of someone else to design, without really “knowing” who we were. Also, its very important to me that the items we have can be used again. I’m using some items we already own, and I just needed a few more for the reception.

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 9.15.49 PMI made sure to hit up the glassware, since Sprout will be providing us with some simple and lovely flowers for the wedding. As I rounded the corner, a lady passing by me piped up that it was green dot day, so hollaaaaaaa! Discounts!

There was a surprising number of mustard items, so into the cart they went. As I moved over to frames, nothing screams BUY ME more than birdcages, so I added this one to my collection.
Overall, I spent about 50 dollars for table decor, that I will paint at home or wrap with twine. It’s less expensive than renting, and we get to use these throughout our home in the future. Bonus! pic1

One thing I didn’t leave with was this ever so faaaaaaaabulous tanning bed / time travel machine / iron lung / omlette maker. Nothing says “TAN IN ME” like an all shiny metal beast in the back room of a thrift store.


….. I’ll see if it’s still there next week.

Friendly Footage

We’ve been struggling with the idea of hiring a videographer. Not only are prices up, up and away, but its hard to find someone who’s style meshes with what we want. Granted, I may be a bit nit-picky in the visuals department. Really though, we don’t want a production. If anything, we just want a fun documentation of our day.

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 8.30.35 PMTwo years ago, I created a final visual piece for one of my classes using my iPhone. It was shot exclusively with the 8mm Vintage Camera App, and I just loved the look and feel of the footage I shot. I remember thinking early on, how much fun it would be to have our guests use the app, and then gather footage from them. Not only would I be able to edit a short wedding film on my own, but what fun it would be to include our family and friends in this way? I’m a nerd for collaborative art, and this sits well with us both! Not only would we have various perspectives from key moments in the ceremony and reception, but guests traveling to the wedding, behind the scenes happenings, and all the going-ons during our time together.  I can only imagine the beautiful, silly and special clips they would catch.
For those attending with iPhones/iPads/iTouch, if you are interested in contributing to our film, please download the 8mm Vintage Camera App from the iTunes store. The cost is $1.99, but I promise it is worth it! Android users, I believe a similar app is VideoCam Illusions.

I have a Dropbox set up, and you can simply send the footage to me directly, which I will then edit together!
Shoot me an email at laurenvoneper@gmail.com, and I can add you to the Dropbox!