The Gentlemen

[witty opening sentence]

Best Man – Chad Abbott
I met chad in a deep ellum club years ago.
That first meeting went a little something like this…
D: “Hey dude, hows it going? I want to know when you are auditioning bass players”
C: “Um, we haven’t really talked about that yet”
D: “Well, i’m ready. I’ve learned all your material.”
C: “Really? When did you want to get together?
D: “How bout tomorrow?”
C: “Really?…”

I’ve known this deeply troubled individual for quite some time now. When I first met him at that club in deep ellum, he was the first guy that cared about the fact that I wanted to be in his band. Chad is a very approachable dude. I wanted to prove to him that I was the guy for the job… That was then… and now many years later, Chad won’t leave me alone… no matter how mean we are to each other. This is how I show affection for him, and him for me. It’s a constant roast.

Thing is, he’s great. He would do anything for me, like being the best man at my wedding. He’s always putting up with me, which is kind of a prerequisite for us being a close friends and all. He probably is entertained by it anyway. He’s truly a man’s man… and kind of a pussy cat.

I wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s my go to guy.

Groomsman – Michael Doty

Doty and I have known each other since the days of working together at guitar center. Those who know him know that this guy is one of the good ones. Doty is genuinely a great person. When I met him, I thought he was very inspirational and now, he’s even more so. Over the years we would work together off and on but the one thing has always been constant, our friendship. Its something I would never trade. He’s going to keep inspiring me to be a bad ass at whatever I do, and to be nice while doing it.



Groomsman – Ben Jeffries

If you wanna know a good movie quote, get to know this man. He’s smart…possibly too smart. If you need to talk about anything and get a good perspective on things, get to know this man. If you are a fan of ironic antidotes, just talk to Ben. He’s really a unique dude. Full of good intention and great spirit, Ben draws you in like a good book and I can’t imagine a warmer soul to ever pound a drum kit so hard. He’s been there when I need him, and I’m grateful he is who he is. Oh, and…. if you really love a good cup of coffee, he’s the guy for that too.



Mr. Ring Bearer – Ziggy Wolking

It was Ciana who first suggested that we have a ring-bearer. Of course, she explained every detail of the day to us, and how much fun she and her friend would have together in their roles.

We couldn’t ask for a better friend for Ciana here in Dallas. Ziggy is one of the most talented 7 year olds we’ve ever known. He is caring and kind, driven and strong. He’s funny and sweet and loves Ciana dearly. His parents are two of the coolest people around.

It was a no-brainer that he would need to be part of our celebration, and it’s so wonderful to know that Ciana will have a life long friend in him.


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