The Ladies

A little bit about the ladies by my side!

Matron of Honor – Hollee Nash

I have so many great memories shared with this woman that it’s impossible to find anywhere to start. So many laughs in regards to our time together and with friends at SouthFM shows, lucky slot machines, lemons, and of course unicorns. I’m sure she will see this and remind me of other ridiculous things, to which I will add {here} when the inevitable happens.

She’s of course the one who tries to keep me on track with this wedding nonsense, and probably breathes easier every time I tell her I got something done. I was there the day she got married to Jimmy, and if it can be just an ounce as awesome as that was, then the day is going to be so wonderful.

It still drives me crazy that I’m absolutely sure I saw her more when I didn’t even live in Dallas than I do now. As our schedules grew busier and busier, we still make time for each other, and I know that Dave and I owe them about 56 game nights.

She’s one of my dearest, closest friends, and of course my first lady!

Bridesmaid – Dawn Burkett

I’m going to refrain from talking about the first time I met Dawn, because that is a memory saved for us that I will giggle about forever. Muahaha!

She’s the creator of Ciana’s adorable best friend Ziggy, who made us giggle with excitement when they said they were going to marry each someday, but only after they finished college.  She’s a fantastic go-to for all things outrageous dipped in wine. I love getting to go over for play dates, whether it’s for Ciana & Ziggy or for Dave & Ricky.

I’m still convinced her name was legally changed after the Breaking Dawn premiere, but I have yet to find legitimate proof.

Bridesmaid – Patti McLetchie

While we can’t seem to come to an agreement as to which side of the room she and I were on when we first met on EXACTLY august 27, 2011, (note: I’m right,she’s wrong) we can attest that it was pretty much inevitable.

We’re some of the loudest, weirdest, cat-loving but not cat-owning overachievers in the EMAC program at University of Texas at Dallas. Pretty sure I am the Jar-Jar Binks Yoda to her Chewbacca.

We’ve established quite the reputation in our department, and have been dubbed nicknames like “The Girls,” “Thing 1 & Thing 2” and “Oh shit, here they come…” by our professors.

Even though she is still trying to get me to do ridiculously girly wedding stuff and even has her friend threaten me with a BMW kidnapping, I keep her around because she’s super. (Retaining sappy speech for later.)

 Our Sweet Flower Girl – Ciana Avery Shafer 

Asking littles to be our flower girl was one of the sweetest moments in the days following our engagement. She was in Houston with her Mama, and pretty much freaked out on the phone. She ran around the house to tell her Grandma and Pop Pop, and immediately started planning her outfit and how she would be distributing the flowers.

Once she was up here to visit, she was my biggest helper, telling me what she saw for her Dad and I. She definitely saw us getting married under a tree, so we made that happen. She liked the idea of using bubbles instead of flowers after we told her how we met. She definitely liked the idea of Ziggy being the ring bearer, because that meant they would get to dance together later that night.

I love her more than I can even put into words, and I am so blessed to have her in my life. It makes me so excited to have children because that love is unconditional. I am very lucky to have been around her entire life, seeing her grow into such a caring and wonderful little human. I’ve gained even more family through her that I could have ever hoped for and I love them all to pieces.


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