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courtesy of Shaina Sheaff Photography

483675_492684764120926_1673853426_nI’ve been so behind on everything in all aspects of life, that i’ve lapsed from posting about events prior to the wedding, to finishing our thank you cards. I wanted to post another link for those who have asked to see more wedding photographs. Here is a much more detailed post from our friend and photographer, Shaina, about the day. Photos from the reception and Saturday brunch to follow soon. Enjoy!


Wedding Photo Sneak Peek(s)!

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 6.41.24 PM

Ciana singing “Dada and Lauren, sitting in a tree….” ❤

There are so many things that should be posted here by now, but playing catch up on all things after a wedding is not a joke.

I wanted to give a quick treat to the friends and family who do not use Facebook, where many of our photos have been posted.

Once I have some time to sit and make some online albums as well as post updates, I will share them via email and here as well. Until then, please enjoy these links to our photographers blog!

Shaina was kind enough to post THREE sneak peeks of wedding photos for us. I thought I was pushing my luck after two, but it was totally worth it!

Sneak Peek #1

Sneak Peek #2

Sneak Peek #3

Thank you,  Shaina Sheaff Photography!

**Also, lets not forget to mention how awesome Sarah and Rozino were that day! Sarah was a butt-kicking wedding planner/floralspecialist/photographer who took charge with Shaina when there was none in sight (we have the photo of their faces to prove it, ha!) & Rozino, who at the salon that morning swapped “Hey I KNOW YOU!” faces and finger pointing with me. SO Great to see him and have that friendship come full circle 10-11 years later! I really appreciate you all being there that weekend, documenting some memorable moments, and also just hanging out and relaxing/laughing as well!

Guest Reminder!

We are so excited to see you all on the 22nd!

In case you didnt’ catch my previous post Friendly Footage, we have this really fun idea for a wedding video. Using creative collaboration, we are asking guests who have mobile devices to record fun times from their perspective that weekend.


iPhone/ipad/itouch users you can download the 8mm app.

Android Users can download Videocam Illusion

We’re hoping guests take snippets of their preparation, travel and time at the wedding ceremony and reception, capturing little details and moments. :03 seconds to 3 minutes, our goal is to gather footage from all of our friends and create video(s) from that. We want to experience what you experience, and are sure that it would make for a very special memento.

So please, create, contribute, and have fun with us.

I have a dropbox folder set up for you to drop in footage!

We cant wait to celebrate with you all in 3 (!!!) days.

D & L