Third dress appointment…

Thursday was a pretty overwhelming day with a lot of errands to run and grades coming in ( all good, 18 credits, and 3.722 for the semester!), so already my mind was not focused and I immediately felt defeated.

I had tried to come completely prepared, with dresses printed, and all the specs highlighted so that it would be easy for my consultant to pull items. The appointment started off a little, odd, seeing as they thought I was a job applicant instead of a bride (I even said my name and appt. time when I walked in!). After many apologies,  I handed over my images and she was off, leaving me to vent on Facebook and give my friends a laugh about how my appointment started.She returned with about 7 dresses, which was pretty darn good seeing as I had 11 on my list, two being available online only. There was a mixture of styles, and sizes. I was able to cancel out what I knew was too big or too small, so she sent me in with the first dress.


I was a bit skeptical at first, but as soon as I zipped it up, and felt how light it was, I kinda sorta loved it. I had not really planned on this style, but the dress gave me a positive personality change. It felt elegant yet playful, and I knew I could tweak it to really make it mine.It was crazy to think that I committed to the first dress, but it felt like the right one.
As we were checking out, I glanced down at my phone and noticed it said 2:23. I looked at the associate, and asked her to check the time on the receipt. I got chills when she said it read 2:22pm. When they finally put it all together, one girl ran off to the back, returning with a pretty little bell. She instructed me that I needed to make a wish, and ring the bell. So I did!

Sometimes, #FFFFFF is just too #FFFFFF…

Looking for a simple dress sure is a harder task than I thought it would be. So far, i’ve seen giant plastic garment bags full of bedazzles. I will say, I lit up like a christmas tree when the first dress I tried on had pockets. It’s the little things! Image
The experience was good though, because it helped me really narrow down what it is I was looking for in regards to comfort, personality, and budget.

With another two appointments this week, I’m hoping to find something that compliments my personality and my body style.

I’m a cardigan and scarf person, so finding something that pairs with those for a February wedding will be the mission.

By the power of Greyskull, here’s to hoping it works!