Target Registry

A few have raised concerns about the registry not loading for them. For the last week, Target has had “technical difficulties” with the registries across the board on their website. The page reloads every two seconds, leaving you unable to access information. It still isn’t resolved, as I have not been able to log in, nor have some others. So, It’s not just you. Hoping they have this issue taken care of soon.


Sometimes, #FFFFFF is just too #FFFFFF…

Looking for a simple dress sure is a harder task than I thought it would be. So far, i’ve seen giant plastic garment bags full of bedazzles. I will say, I lit up like a christmas tree when the first dress I tried on had pockets. It’s the little things! Image
The experience was good though, because it helped me really narrow down what it is I was looking for in regards to comfort, personality, and budget.

With another two appointments this week, I’m hoping to find something that compliments my personality and my body style.

I’m a cardigan and scarf person, so finding something that pairs with those for a February wedding will be the mission.

By the power of Greyskull, here’s to hoping it works!