The Ring

David knew I was so protective over his great-grandmothers ring he had given me, that a few days after he proposed, we planned to go shopping together for one, and to put the other away to pass on again someday.

On Saturday, we decided to stop off at a little jewelry shop less than a mile from our house, and then have lunch at Lover’s Pizza after. I don’t think either of us thought that we would find THE ring that day, let alone the first place we went.

We walked in the door and it was pretty quiet, with maybe two other customers browsing. The counters are shaped like a big ol’ backwards E, so we headed for the back to make our way forward. As we perused the counter, we discussed color and shape. I am personally not a fan of diamonds, and I do not want an overly expensive ring on my hand as a precaution, so finding a colored stone or gem was our mission.

As we passed the middle counter, we unknowingly both locked eyes on a specific ring placed at the corner. Neither of us said anything, so we kept walking. The woman showed us some ruby’s, some emeralds, but nothing really popped out. We hadn’t noticed, but there was a considerable amount of customers who have come in while we were looking. David had me laughing hysterically at one point, because he was visibly calling dibs on the ring by hovering over it pointing.Then I made it back around and both of us immediately pointed to THAT ring. We laughed, and she removed it from its place and brought it above the counter. It was lovely, a beautiful yellow gold color when you tilted it one way, and then a green hue when moved.

It was a gem called tourmaline, 3.3 carats, boasting a variety of  various colors, each special in it’s own. She let my try it on, and then take a few photos for reference.  They were closing in an hour at 4pm, so we decided to forgo lunch and head down the road to our other jewelry store. We promised we would return, which i’m sure to most jewelers means CIAO.

I had send some photos to my mom, Hollee, and Patti to get their opinions, and my phone immediately started to blow up as we got closer to the other store. My mom called, and said that it was perfect, and If it felt right, we should go for it.  We wanted to keep looking, and not get attached right away, but it was pretty hard not to. So, before David and I walked into the next jewelry store, we sat in the car and looked at the photos again. We kept trying to shake it off, and got out of the car in attempt to keep our options open.

Yea, we made it about 15 steps before we looked at each other, smiled, and headed back to the car. I called Sergio’s and told them to start sizing the ring, because we were on our way.

We were total geeks as they were preparing our packages, and even gave us two ring boxes since we were so giddy. By the time everything was done, the store was closed and we were the last customers out the door. Dave proposed, AGAIN, and put the ring on my finger as the staff looked on. It was pretty awesome, and a great experience to remember.

We moseyed on over to Lover’s Pizza, all glowy-and-junk, to continue our special moment / pizza tradition. Of course, the instagrams and status updates commenced, and that was that! We’re so thankful to Sergio’s Jewelry for their important role, and look forward to getting our wedding rings designed there.


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