The Beginning

His Story:


I first saw Lauren with a camera strap around her shoulder. She had clever, well chosen buttons pinned to her jacket and a smile on her face. She was helping a band she was friends with, and I couldn’t leave any chance of “not being noticed” by such a sweet looking person. How fun is this person? I had to find out.


A balcony over the unsuspecting girl! I showered her with bubbles from the very bubble making party favors that she brought for a friends birthday. Her reaction? A smile that I can’t live without!

We became close friends after that. In fact… best friends, for a very long time.

We got to know each other through the years; learning each others stories, lessons, viewpoints and tolerances. Learning pasts, what we were doing, and what we dreamed of. Through our individual ups and downs, the time we spent together as friends is something that I would never replace, and it happened.

She was there for me all along, and I decided that she was it. The one. The person I dreamed of…. We started dating and grew together, still being best friends all along and it all started with her smile! The rest my friends, is wonderful history!!!!



Her Story:

Much of my early 20’s were spend with my cameras. On October 8th, 2004, Blue October was playing Venue 216 in Tulsa, Oklahoma with SouthFM and Socialburn. I had been working with Blue October for a while, so traveling ridiculous distances was a normal occurrence for any friend or fan. My friend Chrissy and I were on the jaunt that weekend as usual.

We had gotten to the venue late after our drive from Oklahoma City after a night at the OKC Fair, so we walked in with a purpose. I can’t for the life of me remember what the guys had us pick up that night, but it was Jeremy and CB’s birthday, so maybe candles. I do remember bringing a few 20 count boxes of tiny clear bubble containers from home, ones like you would see at weddings. I planned to pass them all out to the crowd as they sang happy birthday that night. I immediately was summoned back to the kitchen to photograph the cake for Jeremy and C.B., and Chrissy went over to the merch area was set up.

After all the immediacies were taken care of, I made my way back to the booth, where Chrissy was sitting. I prepped my camera and left the rest of my gear at the table, and went to photograph SouthFM, who was currently playing. I had shot photos of them before, at Trees and Club Clearview, both in Dallas.

I got sidetracked between sets after running into some friends, and when I made my way back to the merch-booth to work as Chrissy played,  some of my things were askew. I immediately noticed there were bubbles raining down from above me, to which I then realized SOMEONE has gotten into my things. I turned and looked up, and there was Dave with one of the containers. He looked down with a grin on his face, and they all started laughing. This image was taken by someone (no joke, we’re all trying to figure out who was next to me) just after it happened. As you can see, they all took turns.

I remember Dave came down to apologize, and we all bantered back and bit during the rest of the show. I was so used to just seeing him onstage, that I had no idea how incredibly funny he was! He was quick and random, which was right up my alley. I promised him that I would come out to an upcoming Dallas show, I believe it was at Liquid Lounge, and we would hang out again. He thanked me for taking great photos of him, and I thanked him for the laughs. We saw each other sooner than anticipated, in Houston at the Meridian right after that. It was great to talk to him again, and I think that’s when I realized that this guy and I were going to be great friends, and I was right. I never could have guessed that it would one day lead to this, so I guess you could say I’m glad he raccoon’d his way into my belongings, and stole my bubbles.

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