The Proposal


His Story:

I’ve known for a long time that Feb 22 (222) would be the perfect date.

So perfect, that I feared it wouldn’t be much of a surprise when I chose that meaningful date to ask her to marry me!

I had several plans of attack in my head, some clever and romantic, some more old world style, just shy of slaying a beast or dragon and dropping it at her father’s door. The only thing for sure was that i was going to ask Lauren Von Eper to marry me and what day I was going to do it on.

I finally found a plan. It was going to happen at Fireside Pies, a gourmet pizza place that I always wanted to take her to. It was pizza that we were having together when I first told her I loved her years back. I had the flowers, I had the place, I had the date, but the ring….. I couldn’t get the ring I wanted in time. So I had to improvise.

She had been wearing a family heirloom for a while, so I at least had a ring box and a promise. I wasn’t nervous until minutes before, but when the time was right, I got on my knee and asked. At first I didn’t think she knew what exactly was taking place but she did….. and said yes.

The patrons that witnessed the event clapped and awed but the funny part was the one drunk stranger loudly asking “dude, did you just propose to her? “um, yes….,” I said. “Dude………What did she say?” he asked, slightly slurring his words.

That’s when Lauren said “Yes.”

Her Story: 

We were at my parents the weekend before spending time with family, when I learned that David had asked for my father’s permission to propose.  Since he had already conned my mom into playing along, he scurried me off upstairs with the notion that he would be up in a little bit. From what I was told, my mom fixed his hair, and gave him a pep hug before he walked into the living room around 9pm. He sat in the chair next to my dad, who was watching something on Animal Planet, which I can only guess sounded like Hillybilly Handfishin’. (Never thought I would ever have to type that sentence.)

David started off with hypotheticals and one sentence small talk. My Dad, never looking his direction and with the television volume still high, only grinned and faced forward at the marvels that are men catching fish with their hands. At this point, it’s as if he knew what was coming, so he was just messing with David. I’ll never know exactly what was said, but the phrase “She and I love each other” was the only thing that could be heard over hollering hillbillies in stereo. After he gave his approval,  they then did their traditional fist bump, and it set his plan in motion.

On Wednesday, 2.22, David was off at work and I was on campus. He had been in a car accident a month prior, and we had both planned to meet at 5 to finalize his new vehicle. I remember the paperwork and prepping taking a long time, and David seemed really anxious. He kept reiterating that we had not been able to spend a lot of time together with his work and my school, that it was very important we were able to have a nice dinner that evening. So, we passed on waiting any longer, and agreed to pick up the car the following day.

It was around 8:30 when we finally got to the restaurant. We walked inside, and were greeted immediately. They said that there was seating available, but a wait for the patio. I said “that’s fine!” but David immediately followed up with “No, we’ll wait.” She offered for us to wait at the bar, but David said we would wait on the front patio until a table was ready.

I sat down on the bench, as David paced. He said he would be right back, and headed off to the valet. When he came back, he had a bouquet of roses. Most people know I get embarrassed with gifts, so I kind of turned my head and smiled, as he fumbled around. He handed me the flowers, and then dropped to a knee. I was still sitting but I got it. It’s funny how as much as you picture something happening, its still a complete outer body experience when it actually happens. He started to talk, and his voice was all nervous and I swear there was a tear. I wish I could remember exactly what he said, but all I remember was just staring at him, with my jaw dropped and one eyebrow raised. He then raised the ring box and told me that since everything in the last month happened so unexpectedly, he hadn’t had time to get me a ring. That is the last thing I could care about. He was making a vow to spend our life together, and the look on his face and the sound of his voice was enough for me. He had me put on his great grandmothers ring, which I had been wearing for a while, but recently took off because it’s so precious to me and his family that I wanted it to stay safe.

Before I could say yes, the door opened to the outside and two guys walked out. They stopped and looked at us, and one of them asked DUDE. Did you just propose to her? Dave looked at me, then back at the guy, and didn’t really have much to say. The guy asked again, “DUDE, what did she say?” HAHA! It was hilarious, and straight out of a movie. I looked at the guy, then back and Dave, and said, “yes.”

Suddenly, you could hear clapping from inside by the door. Some staff members had seen what was going on and all piled in the windows and the glass door. When it opened, they congratulated us, and took us to our table.

We spend the majority of our dinner calling family, but the best part of that was the first person I told was my Mia. She is the reason 222 is so very special, as it was her birthday! She was in the hospital, and much of my family was there to visit her. I called my aunt, and she immediately passed me to Mia, who I then greeted with a Happy Birthday! When she asked how I was, she was the first I told. Her voice was sweet and she was so happy, and i’ll treasure that moment for a very long time.

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